Can The Donated Liposuction Stem Cells Heal Difficult Wounds?

In 2011, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. David Stoker introduced a way of utilizing the excess fat cells that are eliminated from the patients. This was aimed at the liposuction patients and it was about donating the unwanted fat for the sake of carrying out a medical research.


Dr. Stoker partnered with the stem cell research center of the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA. He offered his liposuction patients the chance of donating their excess fat to the medical research. Both men and women were allowed to donate their excess fat to the research center. This helped the scientists to establish several treatments for specific health conditions. 

The plastic surgeon cited that the move was meant to offer patients the chance to reuse their fat to favor the medical research. Usually, when the patients go through liposuction, the excess fat is eliminated as a waste. Dr. Stoker, along with the UCLA scientists can now use the fat to enhance their research on the stem cell. The excess fat from the patients is donated anonymously by the research team. With this, the patients would enhance their physical appearance and they would also help others have a healthy life. 

The stem cell on wounds
The research team had an intention of using the excess fat to treat some health conditions like cancer. As of now, it is believed that the donated liposuction stem cells could heal difficult wounds. Scientists believe that when the liposuction stem cells are applied to severe wounds, it could help treat them. 

The excess fats are used in the stem cell therapies to treat the wounds that are basically caused by the Crohn’s disease. Scientists believe that this could be the first standard therapy to get an approval of the European Union. 

Approximately 50,000 people in Europe are affected by the wounds around the anus, which are hard to treat. This is a number that is recorded every year. TiGenix established a treatment in Belgium, which was in a phase 3 trial. The treatment enhanced the chances of healing the wounds around the anus by around 50%. This also had limited side effects to the patients. 

This therapy applies the stem cells from the donated liposuction tissue. These tissues have low amounts of proteins that spark the immune reaction, according to the head of TiGenix, Eduardo Bravo. For that, the treatment can be given off the counter. Also, the stem cells donated from one person could treat around 2,500 people. This can only be possible when there is enough evidence of it being able to treat the wounds. If it gets the approval from the right body, it will hit the market. 

Currently, the only medicinal product that is based on the stem cells and is approved to be used in the EU is the cornea treatment. This is a type of treatment that entails the removal of cells from a patient’s eye. The cells are then grown outside the body for weeks. The bone-marrow transplant is also another treatment that involves the stem cells. This type of transplant has been performed for many years and it needs a matched donor for it to be successful.

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