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Welcome to the New York Liposuction Center, the elite liposuction headquarters for patients in New York City, Long Island and throughout the nation and world! Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arnold Breitbart offers a wide selection of minimally invasive, sophisticated technologies for our patients. As a patient you’ll receive individualized attention from Dr. Breitbart to develop a customized plan for optimum results tailored to your needs.

Liposuction in NYC

It’s our mission to customize an ideal liposuction surgical plan that meets each patient’s individualized needs. Each procedure is preceded by customized and careful planning. In each case Dr. Breitbart and his staff make use of the latest, minimally-invasive technologies, sometimes in combination, to achieve the most dramatic and natural-looking results possible for you. In some cases, we use several different technologies during one procedure (like SmartLipo combined with Cellulaze™ or Precision Tx™, for example) to sculpt the body with extra precision and encourage tightening of the skin that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

At the New York Liposuction Center, you’ll have a wide array of options to choose from. In consultation with Dr. Breitbart, you’ll be able to decide which options will provide the results you hope to achieve. Below are some of the most popular body procedures Dr. Breitbart performs:

Dr. Breitbart focuses on creating amazing results, but also considers each patient’s health profile, taking safety into consideration, as well as recovery and downtime issues.

Dr Arnold Breitbart

SmartLipo Triplex vs Traditional Liposuction

At the New York Liposuction Center, we offer advanced technology with the SmartLipo Triplex laser to tighten your skin while removing fat in the areas targeted for liposuction. During the procedure, the SmartLipo laser is used to soften and melt fat prior to the liposuction part of the procedure. The laser also works under the surface of the skin to improve skin tightening. SmartLipo liposuction is ideal for the abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, knees, arms, and neck.

Abdominal Liposuction - Before Abdominal Liposuction - After

Liposuction vs Cellulaze™ - Precision Tx™

Doctor Arnold Breitbart also offers Cellulaze™ laser treatment for cellulite and Precision Tx™ laser for face and neck tightening. Cellulaze™ is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a laser under the skin to release the bands causing slimming of the cellulite dimples, and trim the associated fat pockets. Precision Tx™ is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens the face and neck to achieve a laser face/neck lift. It is often combined with neck liposuction to achieve a more refined neck contour. Precision Tx™ is ideal for clients who are not quite ready for a facelift, or do not want to have a more extensive facelift procedure.

Liposuction Expertise You Can Trust

At the New York Liposuction Center, Dr. Breitbart is skilled in the use of the most sophisticated tech in the field. From the expert use of micro-cannulas to laser lipo, Dr. Breitbart provides precision results through customization and extensive knowledge of how different parts of the body respond to different liposuction treatment modalities. Learn about liposuction costs.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

The Tummy Tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women, and is becoming increasingly popular for men as well. Also known as Abdominoplasty, the Tummy Tuck is a body contouring procedure that removes saggy, excess skin from the abdomen and tightens underlying abdominal muscles to give the stomach a flatter, firmer appearance. Although it’s not a method of weight loss, a tummy tuck can offer significant improvement for patients who are frustrated by loose skin or a flabby belly despite enjoying a healthy weight.

Many of our NYC Liposuction patients have abdominoplasty as part of their Mommy Makeover, combining breast rejuvenation with body contouring to achieve their goals.

Mommy Makeover

As many women know, pregnancies can have a significant effect on the body, causing abdominal skin looseness, stretching of the abdominal muscles, droopiness and emptiness of the breasts, and stubborn pockets of fat on the hips and thighs. Dr. Breitbart performs Mommy Makeover surgery, which is designed to treat all these conditions, restoring a more youthful, pre-pregnancy body. Mommy Makeover surgery can typically involve an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation and/or breast lift, and liposuction. These surgeries can often be combined in a single operation, or can also be performed as separate procedures.

For most Mommy Makeover patients, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and/or breast lift can be performed in a single surgery. Dr. Breitbart can decide which procedures can safely be done together at the same time.

Brazilian Butt Lift - Before Butt after

View SmartLipo Before and After Photos

Liposuction FAQs

Are you a Liposuction candidate?

Good Lipo candidates should be fit, healthy, non-smokers and preferably be close to their ideal weight before the procedure. Because liposuction is not for weight loss, patients should be seeking out the procedure to sculpt and contour the body, not to lose pounds. However, some areas of the body are particularly prone to storing fat and even dedicated diet and exercise programs may fail to get rid of these fatty deposits. Patients who have been preparing to get rid of these deposits might be good candidates for Smart Lipo.

More than one area of the body can be targeted during a single Smart Lipo procedure. Laser lipolysis is appropriate for a variety of different areas of the body. If you’re interested in having more than one area treated, talk with your plastic surgeon.

Liposuction Recovery Time

Again, depending on the amount of work you have done, the type of liposuction performed, and the type of anesthesia used, the length of time pain lasts varies. Most liposuction procedures – particularly at our New York Liposuction Clinic – are performed with only a local anesthetic, which leads to about two days of mild to moderate pain after the local anesthetic wears off. The wearing off process can take from 12 to 24 hours. By the day after your procedure, you may be feeling tenderness or soreness in your muscles, similar to the pain you feel when you overdo it at the gym or a mild sunburn. This day will be the most painful, with pain reducing gradually over the next 7 to 10 days. An over the counter pain reliever should be sufficient for helping you get past the initial stages.

What Pain to Expect After Your Surgery / Recovery?

Pain varies from person to person, but a key factor to ensuring your pain levels stay low is to have the procedure performed by a skilled and reputable experienced surgeon (skill & experience). Another factor in pain levels is the size of the area you are having liposuctioned. The equation is simple: larger areas mean more pain, smaller areas equal less pain. Fortunately, all pain should dissipate after about a week, and you will most likely never need more than the aforementioned over the counter pain reliever.

Liposuction Results

SmartLipo results are visible immediately; and the patient’s body shape will continue to improve over a period of several months*. SmartLipo promotes tissue coagulation resulting in tissue tightening*. One of the greatest benefits of SmartLipo is that it provides long lasting results*. Since adults do not produce new fat cells, if a patient gains weight, the existing fat cells just expand so the new weight will be distributed in different parts of the body; and not the area that was treated*.

Do you use General Anesthesia

We never use general anesthesia for liposuction procedures because we feel it is simply unsafe. However, we do offer the option to do the procedure under "Twilight" which is essentially a slightly stronger form of sedation than the usual relaxing pills we provide for you. This type of sedation is extremely safe and adds virtually no additional risk the way general anesthesia does. Please let us know if this is something that you wish to discuss. Local Anesthesia means less risks.

* individual results may vary.

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