Liposuction Cost

Pricing remains a crucial aspect of all cosmetic procedures. At the New York Liposuction Center, we strive to offer the best prices for all surgeries, giving some incredibly impressive results courtesy of the experienced hands of Dr. Arnold Breitbart, with procedures performed at his fully accredited facility.  As a practice, our quotes are straightforward with no hidden costs. As a patient, committing to a procedure is a big show of confidence in a clinic, and we endeavor to cultivate that partnership with openness, transparency, and no gimmicks.

Your contact information is safe with us, and you can enjoy some peace of mind with no fear for unwanted marketing calls. Our chief motivation is to offer world-class service, giving you that dream look and have you stand out with a stunning figure.

At New York Liposuction, we embrace an all-inclusive pricing model. The quote covers the following items:

  • Facility Fees
  • Local anesthesia
  • Compression garments for certain areas being treated
  • Medications to aid in recovery
  • Follow-up visits

The initial consultation at our clinic is free, allowing you an opportunity to talk to the doctor and get critical information before your procedure at no cost.


Individual procedures have specific prices, with a fixed cost for each area. Opting for liposuction on multiple areas in one session offers both financial savings and notable results. The total cost is primarily based on the first body area chosen for liposuction, which is around $5,000. If you’re considering additional treatments for areas like the thigh, knee, neck, or hip, there’s a reasonable added fee of about $2,500 per area.

Financing Options Available for Your Liposuction

We have some fantastic financing options for you at New York Liposuction. We partner with some of the best financial institutions, including CareCredit and Alphaeon, to ease your access to our services. Our partnership with these reputable institutions gives you access to financial and advisory services from the respective bodies.

With financing, the cost of liposuction remains within your grasp. You get to enjoy the services of the cosmetic surgery capital of New York, with the leading physician in the city doing your surgery. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure, and our clinic remains hands-down the best place for your operation.


A leading program for patient payments, the Care Credit Card allows you to finance 100% of your cosmetic surgery. Free of any upfront fees, pre-payment penalties, and annual fees, Care Credit ensures that you can schedule your surgery today and pay in convenient monthly payments as liposuction cost. Click on the logo for more information.
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In New York, we offer the best in body sculpting through cosmetic procedures. However, we understand that you understand the process better through the initial consultation with Dr. Breitbart. In this discussion, you get valuable information about the procedure that suits you best, along with crucial insights about any additional areas you may want treated in your upcoming session.

Our financing options ease your access to our services, allowing you to take advantage of our unrivaled expertise in the field. Our financial partners enable you to get that stunning hourglass silhouette and clear the cost in easy and affordable monthly payments.

Book an appointment today and work with one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in New York. We put you first, combining world-class customer experience with affordability and stunning looks.