Body Sculpting

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular procedure that transfers fat from one area of the body such as the hips or abdomen to the buttocks to create a more rounded appearance with enhanced volume. Also known as “gluteal augmentation”, the Brazilian Butt Lift can lead to sexier curves and a shapelier contour.

Whether you simply need more lift or increased size and firmness, the Brazilian Butt Lift can do it all. This procedure is popular as a way to improve the roundness of a patient’s profile while simultaneously removing excess fat from unwanted locations.

Dr. Breitbart’s Technique

Dr. Arnold Breitbart performs the procedure using a safe, advanced method called the autologous fat transfer process. Fat cells are removed from unwanted areas of the body using liposuction and then purified using a specialized process before being injected into the buttocks Tiny injections of fat are performed over the entire surface area of the buttocks to create a symmetrical appearance that is smooth and evenly rounded.

What to expect after the procedure

For the first two to three weeks following a Butt Lift procedure, patients must wear compression garments to keep swelling to a minimum. Patients shold avoid sitting directly on their buttocks during this time period as well to ensure that the highest number of fat cells develop a permanent blood supply. After this initial period of recovery, most patients are able to return to work. Resumption of normal activities is typically possible within four weeks.